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FireCandidate and eLoft Careers have teamed up to provide you services to help with your cover letter/resume, interview skills and more.

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About eLoft Careers

eLoft Careers has been supporting job seekers in the Canadian market for over a decade, utilizing in-depth job search expertise to support job market success.  To date, they have supported several fire candidates and fire fighters in achieving the next level in their career from new recruit to Captain.  

By focusing on developing job search skills that work, we maximize your success in today’s job market in order to help you build a fulfilling career and successful future.  Our solutions ensure that you will walk away engaged and ready to perform at your best! 

See below for coaching packages and online course information.

eLoft Packages

Different Bundles To Fit Your Needs

Looking for more customized one-on-one support?  Check out these one-on-one coaching packages.

E-Learning Courses

eLoft Careers offers a variety of eLearning courses to support job seekers in achieving job market success. 

Visit their website to learn more about their eLearning courses and use discount code firecandidate10 to receive 10% off your purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I meet for the mock interview?

We conduct mock interviews via a technology called Zoom (similar to Skype).  The mock interview is confidential and will be recorded, with your permission, so that we can provide you with a video (MP4) as a takeaway.  Recording of the mock is not required but is recommended so you can review and learn further from the feedback that you receive.

Do I need a Zoom account to do the mock interview?

No, you don’t need an account.  It is very easy to join a Zoom meeting and we will send you a link that you will click on to join the meeting.

Do you offer customized packages outside of the Overhaul and Academy packages?

Absolutely. If you have any unique needs that don’t fit with our regular packages we’d be happy to arrange a free consultation by phone to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with customized pricing. Please contact us at info@eloftcareers.com to arrange a time to speak.

What is a social media audit and why do I need this?

Many fire departments will conduct an audit of your social media presence prior to making you an offer of employment. Making sure you have a professional online presence is very important for your success in landing a role as a firefighter. We will conduct an audit of your social media and make recommendations for adjustments/improvements. 

Are In-Person Interviews Available?

Yes, we are able to do in-person interviews at our office located in Burlington, Ontario.  In-person interviews would incur an additional cost and would NOT be recorded.  Please contact us to discuss this option further.

What experience do you have helping firefighters land a job or get promoted?

We have built an expertise to support those pursuing careers or promotions in fire services in Canada and to date, we have supported the successful hire/promotion of several new recruits up to Captain level. Our work with job seekers spans all industries and professions.  The concepts we teach related to job search are very transferable and our diversity of experience is of value to all of our clients.

How does the resume, cover letter process work?

We will work with you over a series of 2-3 meetings via Zoom or phone, to overhaul your resume and cover letter for your target position.

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