A Little Bit About Me

Hey guys! I’m Tom, a full-time firefighter who decided to start this website after going through what was easily the toughest/longest journey of my life (the firefighter recruitment process).

Over the course of 7 years (yes it took me that long!), I learned A LOT about the hiring process, which is why I’ve decided to start sharing my knowledge with people like you; who may just be starting your journey, or have been trying for a long time and are just feeling stuck.

I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into when I first started appplying. I was never told how hard it was to pass the aptitude testing, let alone get an interview. I eventually learned the best ways to write tests, how to properly set up a cover letter/resume to land interviews, and how to conduct those interviews properly. All of this however was after years of attempts and money wasted. If only I had a site like FireCandidate to help me along the way, it would have shaved YEARS off my journey to getting on.

When applying, I always wished there was a site I can go to learn more about how the hiring process worked and what I needed to do to get hired. That’s why I’m so excited to share my knowledge with the rest of you as I consistantly post articles on how to get hired and what I learned over my 7 years of trying to get hired.

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